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Title Protostars and Planets VII pre-registration
Writer 관리자 Date시 2021-06-21 12:54:01

PPVII Pre-Registration:


Dear Colleagues,


We are now starting the pre-registration of
PPVII meeting.  Given the uncertain situation
of COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination, PP7 organizers consider that it is good
to start with an unofficial pre-registration, so that we can (A) make an e-mail
list for potential participants to provide updates on the conference and (B)
know the intent of participation to estimate the number of on-site participants
and poster presentations.  We hope to start the official registration late
summer or early autumn.

      Please visit the following:


      After completing the Google Form for pre-registration (in
the above link), you will receive a copy of your answer sent from Google
Form.  You will be added to the e-mail list for pre-registered
participants automatically.

      The Pre-registration Form comes with a small questionnaire
about the intention of participation.  Although the situation is
uncertain, we assume the most optimistic case
most of
us are vaccinated and can travel.  Please understand that we will use this
questionnaire only for collecting intentions. Since the number of answers can
be many hundreds, we will not respond to each of them.

Best Regards,

Shu-ichiro Inutsuka, on behalf of PP7 Editors

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