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President's Greeting

Thank you for visiting the Korean Astronomical Society (KAS).

Since its establishment in 1965, the KAS has contributed to the progress of astronomy research and the education of astronomers in Korea, and at the same time, promoted the popularization of astronomy and the outreach to the public. Historically, astronomy has been the front-runner of science, revolutionizing our knowledge of the cosmos. Recently, astronomy research has been dramatically improved to understand our universe, galaxies, and stars, as well as planets and black holes, and the KAS has been an active part of the efforts. Based on the achievements so far, the KAS will continue to strive to become a society that creates and leads an academic foundation for astronomy in Korea, while communicating more actively with the public.

The 31st General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union (IAUGA2021), the largest conference in astronomy, will be held in Busan in August 2021, where astronomers from all over the world gather to discuss and exchange their latest research results. As the organizer, the KAS welcomes the participants and will do its best to successfully host IAUGA2021.

The further development of the KAS is possible only with the support of KAS members and the encouragement of the public who understands and loves astronomy. I would like to ask for your continuous support and encouragement, as well as active participation in the KAS.

With best wishes,

Jan. 1. 2020
Dongsu Ryu
The 30th President of the Korean Astronomical Society