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Announcement for the Fall Meeting of the Korean Astronomical Society

1. Meeting venue: SONO BELLE CHEONAN (https://www.visitdaemyung.com/)
Date: Oct. 14 - 16, 2020

2. Abstract submission: http://www.kas.org/
- Online submissions only
Please register online before the abstract submission.
- Deadlines : Aug. 05 – Aug. 24, 2020 for oral and poster papers
Aug. 25 – Sep. 03, 2020 for poster papers only
- Types of presentation: 1) oral or poster (at the discretion of the Program Committee),
2) poster, 3) PhD thesis, 4) Master’s thesis.
- Abstract forms can be downloaded from the KAS homepage.
- Scientific sessions: Each abstract must be submitted to one of the following sessions.

  • Space science
  • Sun/Solar system
  • Stars, star clusters/Exoplanets
  • Interstellar matter/Star formation/Milky Way Galaxy
  • Galaxies/Clusters of galaxies
  • Cosmology/Dark matter & dark energy
  • High energy astronomy/Theoretical astronomy
  • Astrochemistry/Astrobiology
  • Astronomy & Space Science Technologies
  • Historical astronomy/Ephemerides
  • Astronomy Outreach and Education
  • Special Session
  • Miscellany

- This meeting will proceed in a hybrid format such that all oral talks will be streamlined via internet and all posters will be posted on a web page. Please note that only speakers, poster presenters, and personnel for the event are allowed to come to the meeting venue, while other members can register only for the on-line participation.

3. Online Registration: http://www.kas.org/

- Open online: Aug. 5 – Sep. 14, 2020
- Registration fee:

  Early Bird
member PhDs 200,000 250,000
students 150,000 200,000
non-member PhDs 250,000 300,000
students 50,000 70,000
member PhDs 100,000 -
students 50,000 -
non-member PhDs 150,000
students 50,000 -
Banquet member/non-member 20,000 -

- Meal coupons: Online registration only
- Rooms at SONO BELLE CHEONAN must be reserved at the time of online registration, to be eligible for the group rates. (A booking form will be announced later.)
- Refund policy for registration fee:
Requests received up to two weeks prior to the start of the meeting will incur a nominal administrative fee.
Requests received less than two weeks prior to the start of the meeting will incur a cancelation fee (30% of the registration fee).
Requests received after the start of the meeting cannot be processed.