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Title K-GMT SP 22B Call for Proposal Announcement
Writer 관리자 Date시 2022-03-02 13:59:21

Korea Astronomy and Space science institute (KASI) invites observing proposals for K-GMT Science Program 2022B with Gemini.

Although significant changes may happen and impact the available observing time and instruments due to the continuing impact of

the COVID-19 pandemic, we are keeping an eye on the situations and doing our best to ensure that the observations are operated

normally (as of March 2022, Gemini is under normal operation.). Especially, as the Korean share increases since 2022A, the allocatable

time for the Korean community increases by about 40 hrs per semester. We would like to encourage Korean Gemini Users to actively

submit the observation proposals. Also, Gemini Poor Weather (PW) program can be submitted through this call, and we would like to

draw your attention to the Gemini Band 3 program as well.


DARP, AEON, Synergy with JWST

There are significant changes in preparation of 22B Phase I Tool (PIT). New PIT templates are introduced since several partners

including US adopt Dual Anonymous Review Process (DARP). All proposals must use the new templates, and although we have not

adopted DARP, proposers, who plan a joint proposal with any of the partners adopting DARP, must prepare anonymous proposals.

In addition, observations through AEON become available, and a new category of  “Synergy with JWST” is added. Due to the number

of changes, video meetings by Gemini have been set up for question and answer sessions (Mar 11th, 2AM or 8 AM, KST).

We advise all proposers to carefully review details in K-GMT Science Program 2022B Call for Proposal page



Any researchers affiliated with Korean research institutes and universities are eligible to apply. Submitted proposals will be awarded time

after being reviewed by an independent time allocation committee. If you have any inquiries, please contact K-GMT Science Program

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