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President's Greeting

Korea has a history of observing and recording astronomical events for thousands of years, from the bronze age to the Joseon Dynasty. The Korean Astronomical Society (KAS) was established in 1965 to take up the tradition of Korean astronomy and promote the modern scientific research in astronomy.

Members of the KAS are actively and successfully carrying out research in all area of astronomy: from cosmology which studies the birth and evolution of the whole universe, to diverse astronomical objects such as galaxies, stars, black holes, neutron stars, white dwarfs, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and the interstellar medium and various cosmic phenomena, to the development of astronomical instruments, and to the archeoastronomy which is closed tied to the humanities.
KAS is one of the main nation-wide academic societies in basic science. We aim to promote cutting-edge scientific research as well as to provide astronomical knowledge to the public through diverse education and outreach activities.

KAS has grown both in quality and in quantity over the last fifty years. In August 2022, the XXX1st General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union (IAUGA 2022), the world’s largest festivity of astronomers, was hosted by KAS in Busan. The first-ever hybrid IAU General Assembly proceeded perfectly, despite the global pandemic and social difficulties, to facilitate the sharing of amazing new research results and academic cooperation. This success showed the prowess of KAS to establish KAS as one of the world-renowned academic societies and accelerate the advancement of Korean astronomy.

Academic society grows on the support and participation from its membership and the public. We ask for affection, advice, and participation from all our members and citizens, all of whom love the universe.