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Ethics Policy of KAS

The Korean Astronomical Society (here after “the Society”) aims to “advance and share astronomical knowledge, and to further foster scientific progress” as defined by the articles of association.

To fulfill the purpose of the Society, all members shall act as responsible scholars and make efforts to establish a scientific environment with an atmosphere of freedom, trust, and mutual respect. Accordingly, this Code of Ethics is enacted to define the ethical principles that all members of the Society shall adhere to, and to establish the actions that can be taken when a member violates this Code. Further details are given by the Society’s regulations on ethics.

1. Research ethics.
When conducting astronomical research and related activities, the members of the Society shall adhere to the regulations on research ethics and avoid research misconduct. The term “research misconduct” includes falsification, improper manipulation, plagiarism, unethical authorship, duplicate use of data, unethical peer review, etc. in conducting research and reporting and presenting research results.

2. Moral ethics.
When conducting activities closely related to the purpose of the Society, the members of the Society shall respect each other and treat others humanely and fairly. In particular, the Society members shall follow the generally accepted norms of the society-at-large and must not engage in human rights violations such as harassment, discrimination, or sexual harassment.

3. Responses to violations of the Code of Ethics.
When a violation of the Code of Ethics is found to have occurred, the Society can take appropriate actions within its authority.