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Application Guideline

Membership of Korea Astronomy Association

Membership Application Guideline:
To join the KAS, first sign up online here. This already allows you to fully access the KAS website as an online associate member. In order to complete the application process, you should then download the application form, fill out and send it to the KAS Secretariat via mail or email (in PDF) for the review by board members. Please include the nomination from two full members as indicated at the bottom of the application.

PhDs and graduate students educated in astronomy or related topics are eligible to be a full member. Undergraduate students are eligible for an associate member. In case it is unclear which class you are qualified for, you may consult with the KAS Secretariat.
Obligations and rights of the KAS members:
1. Articles of Incorporation
The KAS articles of association, regulations and bylaws can be found in the annual autumn newsletter as well as in the KAS homepage (http://www.kas.org).

2. Annual subscription and benefits
The annual membership fee is 70,000 KRW for non-student members and 30,000 KRW for student members including PhD candidates. There is an additional admission fee of 10,000 KRW when you join the KAS for the first time, which is charged one time only. All fees can be paid online through the electronic payment system of the KAS website.

With the payment of the annual membership fee, you have the following benefits: 1) free access to the Korean Journal of Astronomy (JKAS, PKAS), 2) submission of an abstract for KAS poster/oral presentations, 3) subscription of news and meeting/job-related information announced through the KAS office.

3. Rights for the KAS operation and voting
Full members can attend regular KAS meetings and get involved in important decision-making. A right to vote is granted to all members who have fulfilled their duties (uphold the code of ethics and pay the annual fee). To be nominated and elected as a board member, you should hold a full membership for two years or longer. To be nominated and elected as a president, you should hold a full membership at least for 10 years and serve the board for a minimum of two years.

With keeping in mind all these obligations and rights, we hope you get actively involved in the KAS organization and contribute to the KAS. Do not hesitate to contact the KAS Secretariat in case you have any KAS related questions or concerns. We will do our best to help.

Thank you.

KAS Secretariat:
Director of General Affairs, Hong-jin Yang (hjyang@kasi.re.kr)
Director of the Office, Boyoung Cho (042-865-3395, kas@kasi.re.kr)
Address 776 Daedeok- daero, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon (61-1, Hwaam-dong) KOREA 34055

Jan. 1, 2023
Myung-Gu Park
President of the Korean Astronomical Society