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Title EASKA2021 1st circular
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EASKA2021 1st circular


East Asian SKA Science Workshop 2021 (EASKA2021) 1st circular

Online, May 26(Wed) - 28(Fri), 2021


== Purpose ==

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project (https://www.skatelescope.org) is an international effort to
build the world’s largest radio telescope in Australia and South Africa. The
SKA phase 1 construction will start from this year and the science operation will
start in late 2020s. While China is an SKA member country, Korea and Japan are
observer countries. More than 16 countries in the world intend to contribute to
the SKA project.

East Asia is one of the biggest SKA community in the world. Indeed, many East
Asian researchers are participating the SKA precursor/pathfinder projects, and
two SKA pathfinders, FAST and VERA, are accessible in East Asia. We had SKA
science workshops in the past 10 years and the latest 2019 workshop was
successfully held at Shanghai, China. Through the workshops, we understood
scientific interests each other and looked for new collaborations and
synergies. Our discussion became the first step to think about the SKA Regional
Centres (SRCs) in East Asia, and became good opportunities for young
researchers to develop their skills of communication and discussion. In the
last workshop, we also invited key researchers from Australia. Our intention is
gradually expanding from East Asia to Asia Pacific.

In this workshop, we further advance our SKA-related activity in East Asia. We
organize oral sessions in which we will invite the speakers introducing the SKA
project and SKA precursor/pathfinder activities. We will also request
scientific review talks and gather many contributed talks covering diverse
topics. We also organize poster presentations and breakout discussion to
encourage conversations to kick off practical collaborations in future. The
organizers welcome world-wide participants and expect successful conference
focused on East Asia, following the global SKA Science conference in March

== Date and Venue ==

We will organize an on-line conference during the following period. We will use
the zoom conference system for the main oral sessions and Slack workspace for
poster presentations and discussion.

Days 1 May 26, 2021: UTC 01:00 - 09:00 Wednesday

Days 2 May 27, 2021: UTC 01:00 - 09:00 Thursday

Days 3 May 28, 2021: UTC 01:00 - 09:00 Friday

== Website and Contact ==

Please watch out for our conference website (http://ska-jp.org/EASKA2021/).

Contents will be updated from time to time.

If you have any question, please contact the organizers.

== Important Dates ==

March 31   :  2nd circular and registration open

April 28      :  Oral/poster application close

May 12       :  Registration close

May 19       :  Final circular

May 26-28  :  Workshop

== Scientific Organizing Committee ==

Takuya Akahori (Chair, NAOJ), Tomoya Hirota (NAOJ), Hyunwoo Kang (KASI), Minsun
Kim (KASI), Hideyuki Kobayashi (NAOJ), Kejia Li (Peking U.), Se-Heon Oh (Sejong
University), David Parkinson (KASI), Dongsu Ryu (UNIST), Zhiqiang Shen (SHAO),
Keitaro Takahashi (Kumamoto U.), An Tao (SHAO), Bong Won Sohn (KASI), Qian
Zheng (SHAO)

== Local Organizing Committee ==

Hiroyuki Nakanishi (Chair, Kagoshima U.), Toshihiro Handa (Kagoshima U.),
Hiroshi Imai (Kagoshima U.)

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