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Title Announcement for the Spring Meeting of the Korean Astronomical Society
Writer admin Date 2021-02-10 13:22:05
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1. Meeting venue: ZOOM (ONLINE)

   Date: April 15 - 16, 2021


The meeting is currently planned to be face-to-face (onsite), but might be changed to a hybid or online format contingent on the COVID-19 situation. The decision on the meeting format will be made by the early March. 

2. Abstract submission: http://www.kas.org/

- Online submissions only

Please register online before the abstract submission.

    - Deadlines : Feb. 15 Mar. 02, 2021 for oral and poster papers

                         Feb. 25 Mar. 12, 2021 for poster papers only

    - Types of presentation: 1) oral or poster (at the discretion of the Program Committee),

                                          2) poster, 3) PhD thesis, 4) Master’s thesis.

- Abstract forms can be downloaded from the KAS homepage.

- Scientific sessions: Each abstract must be submitted to one of the following sessions.

  • Space science
  • Sun/Solar system
  • Stars, star clusters/Exoplanets
  • Interstellar matter/Star formation/Milky Way Galaxy
  • Galaxies/Clusters of galaxies
  • Cosmology/Dark matter & dark energy
  • High energy astronomy/Theoretical astronomy
  • Astrochemistry/Astrobiology
  • Astronomy & Space Science Technologies
  • Historical astronomy/Ephemerides
  • Astronomy Outreach and Education
  • Special Session
  • Miscellany


3. Online Registration: http://www.kas.org/

    - Open online: Feb. 15 Mar. 22, 2021

    - Registration fee:

    full members 200,000KRW (online registration) 250,000KRW (onsite registration)

           students 150,000KRW (online registration) 200,000KRW (onsite registration)


   - OPEN online : Mar. 15 Mar. 22, 2021

     - Banquet: 20,000KRW (Only online registration)

     - Meal coupons: 5,000KRW/meal (4.15/4.16 : Online registration only,)

     - Rooms must be reserved at the time of online registration, to be eligible for the group rates.

           : suites with two rooms and one bathroom will be available

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