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Title EAS 2021 SS18 ”Shining Light on Quiescent Black Holes with Tidal Disruption Events"
Writer 관리자 Date시 2021-02-18 12:39:42

Dear Colleagues,


We are excited to announce the special session SS18 

Light on Quiescent Black Holes with Tidal Disruption Events

at the upcoming EAS 2021 virtual
meeting on 28 June - 2 July 2021 



The aim of the session is to bring together researchers working on tidal 

disruption events (TDEs), galactic
nuclei, and supermassive black hole 

formation and evolution. TDEs are one
of many interconnected astrophysical 

phenomena happening in galactic
nuclei, but possess unique abilities to 

shed light on the elusive populations
of supermassive black holes in 

quiescent galaxies, and therefore to
address important questions on the 

cosmological origin and growth of these
black holes.


The programme features exceptional invited speakers 

(see https://eas.unige.ch/EAS2021/session.jsp?id=SS18), 

with slots available for contributed
talks: we are indeed looking 

forward to hearing the exciting new
results of your research!


Please, visit the abstract portal: 


keeping in mind that the submission deadline is quite soon: March 2nd 2021. 


We hope to see many of you online at our session, either in the
audience or as speakers.

>PS Our apologies if you receive
this email more than once.


Invited speakers

- Tiara Hung (UCSC, USA): Overview
of TDE Observations

- Jane Dai (HKU, Hong Kong):
Theoretical Review of TDEs

- Fabio Antonini (Cardiff, UK):
Quiescent Galactic Nuclei

- Andrea
Merloni (MPE, Germany): AGN variability and eROSITA

- Priya Natarajan (Yale, USA):
SMBH Seeds and their Growth

- Jenny Greene (Princeton, USA):
IMBH and SMBH Demographics


SOC members:

- Nicholas C. Stone (chair, Hebrew,

- Elena Maria Rossi (co-chair,
Leiden, Netherlands)

- Peter Jonker (co-chair,
SRON/Radboud, Netherlands) 

- Iair Arcavi (Tel Aviv, Israel)

- Elena Gallo (UM, USA) 

- Erin Kara (MIT, USA)

- Zoltan Haiman (Columbia, USA) 

- Kimitake Hayasaki (CBNU, Korea)

- Marta Volonteri (IAP, France)


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