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Title 21B Call for Proposal Announcement
Writer 관리자 Date시 2021-03-02 11:19:56

Korea Astronomy and Space
science institute (KASI) invites observing proposals for K-GMT Science Program
2021B with MMT and Gemini. Although significant changes may happen and impact
the available observing time and instruments due to the continuing impact of
the COVID-19 pandemic, we are keeping an eye on the situations and doing our
best to ensure that the observations are operated normally. As of March 2021,
Gemini and MMT are under normal operation. We would like to encourage Korean
Gemini and/or MMT Users to prepare the observation proposals as usual. Also,
Gemini Poor Weather (PW) program can be submitted through this call, and we
would like to draw your attention to Gemini Band 3 program as well.  

Any researchers affiliated
with Korean research institutes and universities are eligible to apply.
Submitted proposals will be awarded time after being reviewed by an independent
time allocation committee. If you have any inquiries, please contact K-GMT
Science Program (kgmtprop@kasi.re.kr)
or refer to K-GMT Science Program 2021B Call for Proposal page (http://kgmt.kasi.re.kr/kgmtscience/content/k-gmt-science-program).


Ji Yeon Seok

KGO Head Scientist, KASI





  • Available
    facilities: MMT, Gemini-North (GN), Gemini-South (GS)

  • Allocatable
    hours in 2021B (approximately) :

    • MMT: ~
      3 nights

    • Gemini:
      GN 52.8 Queue hours (+ 6.3 FT hours)

49.5 Queue hours (+ 5.8 FT hours)

  • Observing

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