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Title Post-doctoral Positions at Seoul National University (with Prof. Jong-Hak Woo)
Writer admin Date 2021-03-04 09:43:34

Post-doctoral Positions at
Seoul National University (with Prof. Jong-Hak Woo) 

Applications are invited for
two post-doctoral research positions at Seoul National University. Successful
candidates will work with Prof. Jong-Hak Woo and his research group to carry
out various research projects focused on AGN and galaxy evolution,
e.g., AGN feeding & feedback, reverberation mapping, and intermediate mass
black holes, etc. Independent research up to 50% is encouraged.


Astronomy Department at SNU
provides a lively research environment. Successful candidates can work with
graduate and undergraduate students. Korean community has access to Gemini
Telescopes, ALMA, JCMT, etc.


The annual salary including
severance package is around 45,000,000 Korean Won, depending on qualification
and experience. A research budge of 5,000,000 Korean Won will be available for
research activities. 


Applicants must hold a Ph.D.
degree or equivalent in astronomy. The duration of this position is 2 + 2
years, contingent upon satisfactory research performance. University-subsidized
housing is available on campus for monthly rent of ~500 US dollar.


Two positions are open. One
position is available immediately, and the other position can be filled by
summer/fall 2021. Starting date is negotiable. Applicants should submit CV,
publication list, research summary, research plan, and three letters of reference
to woo at astro.snu.ac.kr by
March. 31th 2021. These positions remain open until they get filled. 


Please feel free to contact
Jong-Hak Woo if you need further information. 

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