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Title 1st circular, East-Asia AGN Workshop 2021
Writer admin Date 2021-06-10 10:54:45
1st circular, East-Asia AGN Workshop 2021
11-13 October 2021, Chongqing/China & On Line

This is the 1st announcement of "East-Asia AGN Workshop 2021 (EAAGN21)”, 
which will be held on 11-13 October 2021 in Chongqing University (China) 
and also on line. Since the first kick-off workshop in 2012, this is the 
7th meeting of a series of workshops focusing on AGN/SMBH studies carried 
out in East Asia. The East-Asia AGN Workshop aims at fostering close 
collaborations among scientists (in both observational and theoretical fields) 
in East Asia. It is becoming more important to expand and strengthen various 
collaborations in East Asia, given a great variety of accessible facilities 
currently (e.g., ALMA, JCMT, SMA, GLT, international VLBIs, Subaru, Gemini, 
GRAVITY/VLTI) and also in near future (e.g., GMT, TMT, XRISM) for East-Asia 
astronomers. This workshop will provide an interesting opportunity to learn the 
exciting scientific results on AGN/SMBH achieved by East-Asia astronomers, and 
to build up new collaborations among East-Asia astronomers.

Given the global situation of COVID-19, the workshop will be held in hybrid mode, 
with on-site participants from mainland, China, and on-line participants for 
all others (via zoom).

We are pleased to announce the opening of the registration for EAAGN21 and 
also the abstract submission. We have reserved a block of rooms with group 
discount rates in a hotel that is close to the workshop place. Please visit 
our website for the registration, the abstract submission, and the hotel room 
reservation (for on-site participants), by the deadline (11 Aug., 2021). For 
on-site participants, the registration fee is 1000 RMB, including all lunches 
and coffee breaks during 3 days, and also two conference dinners. Only cash is 
acceptable, which will be paid on site. For on-line participants, there is no 
registration fee required. 

Invited speakers:
     Shunsuke Baba (NAOJ)
     Takuma Izumi (NAOJ)
     Rusen Lu (SHAO)
     Jian-Min Wang (IHEP)
     Karen Yang (NTHU)

Important Dates:
  -- 1 Jun. 2021: 1st circular, registration open
  -- 11 Aug. 2021: deadline for registration and abstract submission
  -- 15 Sept. 2021: 2nd circular, talk selection and program announcement
  -- 30 Sept. 2021: final circular
  -- 11-13 Oct. 2021: EAAGN21

Science Organizing Committee:
  -- Minfeng Gu (SHAO)
  -- Taehyun Jung (KASI)
  -- Tohru Nagao (Ehime U.)
  -- Masanori Nakamura (NIT Hachinohe College/ASIAA)
  -- Keiichi Wada (Kagoshima U.)
  -- Wei-Hao Wang (ASIAA)
  -- Jong-Hak Woo (SNU)
  -- Yongquan Xue (USTC)
  -- Xiao-Hong Yang (Chongqing U.)

Local Organizing Committee:
  -- Minfeng Gu (SHAO; LOC co-chair)
  -- Qi-Xiu Li (Chongqing U.) 
  -- Xin Li (Chongqing U.)
  -- Hai-Nan Lin (Chongqing U.)
  -- Yongquan Xue (USTC)
  -- Xiao-Hong Yang (Chongqing U.; LOC co-chair)
  -- Caili Li (SHAO)
  -- Luling Jiang (SHAO)

  -- Minfeng Gu (SHAO; LOC co-chair): gumf@shao.ac.cn

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