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Title Postdoctoral position at CBNU
Writer 관리자 Date시 2021-06-22 11:53:50

Dear all,


Let me notify again the postdoctoral
position recruitment because the deadline (6/30) is approaching.

Applications are invited for a three
(2+1) year postdoctoral position starting in September or later 2021 (the
starting date is negotiable). A successful candidate will work at Chungbuk
National University (CBNU) with Prof. Kimitake Hayasaki on black hole astrophysics
and high-energy astrophysics. The research topics involve (1) tidal disruption
events, (2) accretion disks, (3) a merging process of binary supermassive black
holes. Working on both/either computational and theoretical modelings among
these topics is welcome.
Note that the
application deadline is Wednesday, June 30, 2021. Further detail of the
position can be found on the website:



Please feel free to ask me if you have
any questions:

(Kimitake Hayasaki)


Best regards,

Kimitake Hayasaki (CBNU)


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