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Title SKA Open Science School
Writer 관리자 Date시 2023-03-06 15:25:01

Are you interested in Open Science and the
effect it will have on your research and tools? The first SKAO Open Science
School will take place in Granada, Spain, from 8-10 May 2023 and registration
is now open!


The school is
organised by the IAA-CSIC and SKAO and it is endorsed by the SKA Regional
Centre partner training programme. 

Offering both in-person and remote
participation, the school aims to answer questions such as:


- What is Open Science and how can we
expect it to change and benefit science and society?

- How will the SKAO and the SKA Regional
Centres enable best practices in Open Science?

- As a senior researcher/PhD
student/engineer, how do Open Science practices and policies benefit and change
my research/collaborations/services and tools?

- What tools can I use to follow Open
Science principles?

- Will Open Science be acknowledged in the
research assessment system? How can I capture Open Science merits in my CV?


By making data and methods more accessible,
understandable and reusable, Open Science practices facilitate
reproducibility of scientific studies. In alignment with several United Nations
sustainable development goals, the concept of Open Science contributes to
democratising information and reducing inequalities in accessing scientific
infrastructures. Open Science is rooted in the SKAO’s foundational principles
and the SKA Regional Centre Network (SRCNet) will play a key role in providing
the framework for implementing SKA Open Science policies.

This school brings an opportunity to anyone from the astronomy and SRCNet
communities to gain a detailed view of Open Science policies and tools, as well
as ongoing activities related to Open Science at the SKAO and the SRCNet.

Read more and
register via the website.


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