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Title K-GMT Science Program 2024A Call for Proposals
Writer admin Date 2023-09-01 16:01:58

SP 24A CfPs Announcement: 


Korea Astronomy and Space science institute (KASI) invites observing proposals for K-GMT Science Program 2024A with Gemini. The submitted proposals will be awarded time after being reviewed by the time allocation committee (KTAC) composed of experts in the Korean Astronomy Society (KAS). Any researchers affiliated with Korean research institutes and universities are eligible to apply. We would like to encourage all astronomers in the KAS to actively submit the observational proposals utilizing the versatile Gemini instruments. The Gemini Poor Weather (PW) program also can be submitted through this call. 

The deadline of 24A CfPs is Oct 2nd @23:59 KST. 

Important Notice for 2024A Semester
[1] The NOIRLab/Gemini Website is not functional because it has not been fully restored since the cyber incident on August 1st. Therefore, unfortunately the information that PI needs to prepare for 24A Call for Proposals is not available from the Gemini Website as of this moment. NOIRLab/Gemini Office is doing their best to restore the website as soon as possible to avoid limitations for PIs preparing proposals. As soon as the website is restored, we will deliver the news via the KAS email. 

[2] We are recruiting for the 2nd Band 3 Letter of Intent (LOI) program in accordance with the 24A regular program recruitment period. In every semester K-GMT SP has a total of 30 hours of observing time available for Band 3 slot (i.e. 15 hr in GN + 15 hr in GS). One third of the Band 3 time, which is 10 hr in total (i.e. 5 hr GN + 5 hr GS), will be dedicated to the Band 3 LOI program. 

The Gemini Band 3 LOI recruitment is designed to revitalize the domestic Gemini Band3 program. In the very 1st Band3 LOI program, two Band3 LOI programs were selected/awarded observing time and the observations were successfully conducted for 4 seasons from 21B to  23A semester.

The 2nd Band3 LOI program is planned to operate from 24A to 25B. If you have an observational research idea that can be accomplished through mid- to long-term observations over 4 seasons under Band3 observation conditions, please consider utilizing this Band3 LOI opportunity.

In general, Band 3 programs have lower priority than Band 1/2, so they must be able to be performed under a variety of observation conditions. Approximate conditions suitable for the Band3 LOI program are as follows: 

Observable even under IQ85/CC70 or worse conditions
Observations with a maximum observation time of no more than one or two hours per minimum observation unit (or per target)
Observation of various RA distributions of targets
Observations whose timeliness is not important

Those submitting a Band3 LOI program must enter the following sentence in the “Band 3 Plan” section of the Gemini Proposal form:
“This is a Band 3 LOI program”

[3] In 23B there will be a special program call for GHOST, which is an optical high resolution (R 50,000 - 75,000) echelle spectrograph. The GHOST will be newly installed on the Gemini South Telescope. The GHOST special call for proposals will be announced once in later this semester. The GHOST CfPs will utilize 5 hours of the Gemini South FT time of 23B (Nov - Jan). 

If you have any questions, please contact the K-GMT Science Program manager (kgmtprop@kasi.re.kr). Please check the Google documents below for detailed information.

2024A Call for Proposals Announcement
2024A Important Dates
2024A Instrument Restrictions and Target-Accessibility
2024A Time Distribution

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