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Title The 10th Galaxy Evolution Workshop
Writer admin Date 2024-03-18 10:19:55


Date: 2024 August 6 (Tues)
- 9 (Fri)

Location: ASIAA, Taipei,
Taiwan + online (zoom)

Web: https://events.asiaa.sinica.edu.tw/workshop/20240806/index.php




The subject of galaxy
evolution covers a wide range of scales, from large-scale structures in the
universe to the supermassive black holes in the center of galaxies. The field
is rapidly evolving as new facilities come online. To draw a complete picture,
it is important to connect the astrophysical processes operating on various
physical and time scales responsible for shaping the diverse properties and
demographics of galaxy populations. Paralleled to other events on specific
aspects of galaxies, a workshop series with a broader scope, essentially on
everything about galaxies, is highly desirable. Motivated by this, we decided
to hold a "Galaxy Evolution Workshop" every year to improve our
understanding of the complex nature of galaxies and their evolution over the
cosmic time. This year, we will host the workshop in Taiwan at ASIAA, the first
time outside Japan since Taiwan and Korea joined in organizing the event. We believe
that this international workshop will contribute to the growth of the galaxy
community in the East-Asia region.


The goals of the workshop

  1. to
    present and discuss new results in galaxy science

  2. to
    discuss what the next steps will be to piece together the missing pieces
    of galaxy evolution

Any presentations related
to galaxies, from the Milky Way to the most distant galaxies, are welcome. We
especially encourage young postdocs and students to participate and present
your results.


In addition to general
science sessions, we will have a focused session. This time our main theme is "Quiescent
galaxies at high redshifts", undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in
galaxy evolution this year. We invite several keynote speakers to provide a
broad context review. We also welcome contributed talks about this focused
topic. We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!


This 10th workshop is
jointly hosted by the Japan, Taiwan, and Korea communities to spark
collaboration in East Asia.


[Keynote Speakers]

To be determined.





[Registration deadline]


Abstract submission

March 24, 2024


March 24, 2024


This workshop is supported
by NAOJ.



[Scientific Organizing

  • Daichi
    Kashino (NAOJ, chair)

  • Yi-Kuan
    Chiang (ASIAA)

  • Ena Choi
    (University of Seoul)

  • Kei Ito
    (Univ. of Tokyo)

  • Takuma
    Izumi (NAOJ, advisor)

  • Jubee
    Sohn(Seoul National University)

  • Satoshi
    Kikuta (NAOJ)

  • Haruka
    T. Kusakabe (NAOJ)

  • Misaki
    Mizumoto (University of Teacher Education Fukuoka)

  • Kyuseok
    Oh (KASI)

  • Hsi-Yu
    Schive (National Taiwan University)

  • Yoshiki
    Toba (NAOJ)

  • Po-Feng
    Wu (National Taiwan University)

  • Hidenobu
    Yajima (Tsukuba University)

[Local Organizing

  • Yi-Kuan
    Chiang (ASIAA, co-chair)

  • Cindy
    Chiu (ASIAA)

  • Shirley
    Huang (ASIAA)

  • Po-Feng
    Wu (National Taiwan University, co-chair)



Please contact:
gew-soc-2024 (add @googlegroups.com)


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